Sunday, August 21, 2011

Leg lengthening Surgery - Painful Way To Grow Taller

Leg lengthening surgery will make you get taller at lest two to three inches taller. You need to spend some big amount of money for surgery. For people who don’t want to waste money and feel pain, this method is not for you, natural way to grow taller is the best way. The history of surgical start from early 1950s that was helps dwarves and other short people who want increase height in Russia. Now at certain developing country in world, leg lengthening surgery is one of popular method to increase height.

Does it hurt?

Sure, there is certainly some pain involved in leg lengthening surgery. Painkillers and therapies will give to manage the pain. For some people may find the pain unbearable and be able to continue with the treatment, and some others people will experience very little pain and feel uncomfortable. Generally there are no "pain-free" treatments available.

How its work?

The doctor breaks the tibia and fibula, or the bones of the lower leg. Then, a device comprised of two metal rings connected by extendable rods, called the fixator, is screwed into both ends of the broken bone through the skin.

The Stretching Bone

About a week later, the stretching begins. The surgeon lengthens the fixator in small, two millimeter increments. This slowly pulls the broken bones apart, allowing new bone to grow and fill in the gap.

If all goes well, the three month bone-lengthening period is followed by another three to six months of bone strengthening. During this phase, the patient is confined to a wheelchair and must undergo physical therapy.

Barring complications such as infection where the fixator is attached to the bones and nerve injury, you can be back up and walking around on newly lengthened legs in about a year.

Generally, the method of leg lengthening surgery is depending on person circumstances and requirements. If you think, this leg lengthening surgery is your choice, the best way get advice from doctor first, understand what does method leg lengthening surgery they will done, how much cost, how the pain, how many inches increasing, how long the process to become normal and more others related questions.
There are many qualify doctor can do leg lengthening surgery, what to do just take time and do research and make comparison which one are the best for you. Or you can try the natural way method to grow taller, its 100% no hurts and save money.

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  1. I think good diet, doing exercise and any supplement is perfect combination for How To Grow Taller Naturally